Largemouth Bass:

Smaller male Bass have moved back up into the shallower areas to begin the spawning process after a myriad of inclement weather changes and winds from all directions. The bigger females are staging a little deeper and are eager to move to the spawning areas, the only piece of the puzzle missing is a series of three or four days of stable warm weather, which has yet to materialize. There has been some fish caught shallow, mostly on underspins as well as the usual Carolina, Ned and dropshot rigs fished a little deeper. The Ski Arm continues to have the clearer water and the Neptune Shad C3 Shimmys on a light line Carolina rig has dominated the bite in the ten to twenty foot zone around secondary points and flats. 

Striped Bass:

 The most consistent bite continues to be bait fishing in ten to seventy feet of water with cut Sardines being the bait of choice and Anchovies being a much less effective second option. Elizabeth Canyon and the forebay buoy line have been the hotspots lately with some boats doing better than others. The boats with the fresh bait, usually bought directly from the bait receivers in the harbors from Ventura to Long Beach, have had a great advantage over the “gas station” bait available locally. Use of scent like Pro-Cure Sardine Oil is getting good results too. Lots of fish are currently spawning which has put the trolling bite on temporary hold.


Fish continue to move shallow and the bite has been best on the warmer days. The drop shot rig continues to dominate here with green & brown straight tail worms getting bit in the five to twenty foot zone. Keep a short drop on your weight, about four to six inches, as the weeds are just starting to grow and the Bass are relating to the bottom in most areas. Wacky-rigged 5″ Senkos in Green Pumpkin and Watermelon patterns fished around the bushes and reeds in the upper end continue to get some quality bites. Most fish caught here have been one to three pounds but there has been some giants caught by anglers putting in the extra time.

Water conditions:

Surface temp: 61 degrees

Water temp at 20′ is 57 degrees

Good clarity with a light algae bloom in some areas

Jim –