Castaic Lake Report 04-16-2023

The lake level has come up over seventy five feet this year and the lake is as full as it can get. The county continues to use a net rig to circle the marina debris where it can be scraped up with bulldozers and hauled away in dump trucks. This is a slow process as debris is still floating around in the main lake. Everytime the wind blows from the North there is more debris blown into the launch area. The water is starting to clear up with the lack of rainstorms in the last ten days but fishing still remains tough for the most part. There is an emerging Striped Bass bite on cut sardines up by the forebay buoy line that will improve as the water continues to clear up. I anticipate trolling for Stripers to be excellent once the debris is gone in the coming weeks. The Largemouth Bass are still transitioning to their new structure and coves that haven’t had water in years. I predict that this year will see incredible fishing for both species once the water warms up and cleans up. Stay tuned!

Jim –