Largemouth Bass:

Daytime temps in the 80’s have the male Bass heading for shallower water for the pre-spawn. It shouldn’t be long before we see some bigger females doing the same. Right now most of them are on the first dropoff in the fifteen foot zone. Ned Rigs and Finesse Carolina rigs are leading the way as far as techniques go and it’s been hard to beat the Neptune Shad C3 Shimmy as the water is extremely clear in most areas. 

Striped Bass:

The Stripers are still spread out all over the lake. Trolling with lead core line in the twenty to forty foot zone is getting a few fish but it’s been hit and miss. The most consistent bite has been bait fishing in twenty to sixty feet of water. Sardines and nightcrawlers have been best. The area just past the island in the ski arm and the buoy at the entrance to Elizabeth Canyon have been pretty solid places to set up shop. The Shad schools are getting shallower as the water warms, a good sign for the weeks ahead.


Bass are starting to move up to spawning flats along the swim beach and North end, although not in big numbers as of yet. Water temps in the high 50’s and low sixties during the recent heat wave are moving fish out of the deeper water. Most of the bites are coming on the finesse Carolina rig in ten to twenty feet of water. Oxblood and Aaron’s Magic straight-tail Roboworms and Neptune Shad C3 Baits Shimmys have been the standard offering with Ned Rigs and Senkos in green pumpkin hues getting bites as well. Extremely clear water warrants light line, especially when the wind isn’t blowing.

Water conditions:

Surface temp – both lakes: 57 degrees

Water temp at 20′ is 55 degrees

Good clarity to fifteen feet in most areas

Jim –