Largemouth Bass:

Longer days and warming water has a few Bass moving up towards the shoreline. Finesse plastics in the ten to twenty foot range are getting some bites, mainly on a light-line Carolina rig with a 6″ straight tail worm. Cinnamon, Oxblood and pumpkin have been the better colors as the water can be extremely clear in some areas. The bulk of the fish remain deeper and should be moving up to pre-spawn areas in the coming weeks.

Striped Bass:

The Stripers are still spread out all over the deeper parts of the lake, most likely foraging on blooms of freshwater shrimp. This makes them tough to locate and quite challenging. They are not feeding on Shad as the bulk of the baitfish remain in deep water in layers on the bottom. Trolling with lead core line is still the most productive technique, as the bigger fish are in the twenty to forty foot zone. Yak Flies, KastMasters and Flukes are all getting bit if you can get your offering in front of the right fish. Put in your time and you’ll be rewarded on most days.


Not much of a change here. The good news is that the lake is open seven days a week giving anglers a quiet place to fish during the week. Bass should start to move up to pre-spawn flats and drop-offs in the coming weeks as they tend to spawn a little earlier here than the main lake fish.

Water conditions:

Surface temp 54 degrees

Good clarity to fifteen feet plus in most areas.

Debris not an issue.

Jim –