Largemouth Bass:

Castaic’s Largemouth are mainly in the same 30′ depth zone as they have been for weeks with the exception of some fish going shallow at times during the warmer days. It’s still mostly a finesse plastics bite, but daily changes in weather conditions have presented some other opportunities. There have been small windows in the early afternoon, when the water is at it’s warmest, where the Bass come up into 10′ of water. Most likely attracted to the warmer surface layer, these fish can be caught on Senko style baits, A-Rigs and deep-diving jerkbaits. Ned rigs are also producing some nice fish lately although the numbers aren’t quite up to par with the splitshot and dropshot rigs. The water cleared up nicely from last weekend’s rain however there is quite a bit of rain forecasted for next week which will likely change things again.

Striped Bass:

Not much happening on the Striper front this week as most anglers are leaning towards Bass fishing instead. Trolling deep with Kastmasters, white bucktails and Alabama rigs are putting a few fish in the boat but nothing too exciting. 

Castaic Afterbay:

The Bass are starting to move out of the main basin and up onto the ledges and deeper drop-offs in 25′ of water on the warmer days. Ned rigs and splitshot rigs are accounting for most of the bites, but bigger fish can be caught on Yamamoto Fat Ika’s, jigs and creature baits in green pumpkin hues, fished in the same areas.

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:


Water Temp at 30′:


Water Clarity:

15′ visibility. Clear

Water Level:

30’ down 

Jim – 661 Fishing