Largemouth Bass:

High Santa Ana winds to 30 mph + most of the week kept the debris field in motion making launching anyone’s guess on any given day. The Largemouth have been scattered from ten to forty feet deep making them harder to locate than usual for this time of year. As the lake level continues to rise, this will likely be the pattern for the next two or three months. There have been a few fish caught on finesse plastics, mainly on light-line Carolina rigs with a small straight tail worm. 

Striped Bass:

Stripers of all sizes continue to be found in the Ski Arm, mostly in the 30′ depth zone. Trolling KastMasters on six colors of leadcore line has been a good starting point with the area from Center Point to Necktie Cyn. and the West side of the Ski Arm holding the bulk of the fish. Pearl white Zoom Flukes rigged on a small ballhead jig has been our second option as the Stripers are reacting to the erratic action of this soft plastic jerkbait. 


The lake is currently open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On March 1st it will be open seven days a week. Bass are being caught in 20- 30′ of water on the usual finesse plastics although the bite can be slow at times. Crappie continue to bite small jigs and spoons around the suspended Shad schools in deeper water.

Water conditions:

Surface temp 54 degrees

Good clarity to ten feet

Jim –