Largemouth Bass:

As the water continues to cool the fish are spread out and can be hard to find in any numbers. Most of them are offshore, suspended over 40′ to 60′ of water once the sun is up. There is a shallow bite early in the morning and on overcast days. Medium to deep-diving crankbaits and 1/4oz. underspins are getting a few grabs on rocky secondary and main-lake points. After that, slowing down and dragging a splitshot rig in 20′ to 40′ of water with any of the Neptune Shad colored C3 Baits will get some quality bites. If you can locate them suspended offshore, Rapala ice jigs and umbrella rigs with small Keitech 2.8 swimbaits have been effective. The bass are headed to their Winter structure spots and fishing should get more consistent as water temps bottom out and get steady.

Striped Bass:

Pretty much the same story as last week. There were some big fish caught on swimbaits, most notably a 35lb. beast, however most anglers are finding slow fishing overall. It does take a bit of time to pull the big trophy fish up and into the main basin of the lake, between the marina and Center Point. Look for this bite to continue improving as storms and wind create optimal conditions for relocating fish. It is still time well-spent to be on the water, perfecting your technique as the season gets underway. So far, the state has been stocking Trout like they’re supposed to so all signs point to a great trophy season.

The schools of Stripers are still in deep water between 40′ and 80′. Rapala ice jigs and tailspinners like the 1oz. Jackall Deracoup are getting bites when the fish are active. Deep-water trolling with umbrella rigs, Kastmasters and white bucktail jigs with a white curl tail trailer are also putting a few fish in the boat. We are starting to see an improving bite on our flycore trolling rigs as well.

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:


Water Temp at 25′:


Water Clarity:

20′ visibility. Clear 

Water Level:

25′ down  

Jim – 661 Fishing