Largemouth Bass:

High winds, brush fires and power outages continued to plague the area this week. We were able to get out most days and had wide-open fishing for Largemouth and Smallmouth with live Shad. Most of the fish are averaging two to four pounds with some Bass to seven pounds. We are using light line and dropshot style rods to flyline the shad. The Bass are aggressive and strong making for an excellent angling experience for our clients. This is currently the best fishing of the year.

Striped Bass:

Other than the occasional smaller schoolies hitting our live shad, the bulk of the bigger Stripers are showing in deeper water up to 100′ most likely focused on the jumbo four to five inch shad that are following the sinking algae bloom. We haven’t spent much time on the Stripers lately but I am looking forward to re-establishing the bite in the next week or two.

Castaic Afterbay: 

No report. We will be fishing here soon as the weeds start to die off.

Jim – 661 Fishing

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:

63° – 65°

Water Temp Bottom:


Water Clarity:

10′ – 20′ visibility. Clear

Light to medium algae bloom

Water Level:

10′ down and falling