Castaic Lake Fishing:

Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass:

The Largemouth fishing continues to be very good using topwater lures in the mornings and late afternoons. Lucky Craft Sammys, IMA Skimmers and Zoom Flukes are all getting bit for our clients with a lot of three to five pound fish being boated and released. Light line finesse presentations like dropshots and splitshot rigs with a C3 Baits Shimmy or Ice Pick have been a solid pattern for months now and continue to produce nice fish. We are fishing these baits from 20 – 30′ deep on main lake and secondary points. Water temps cooled mid-week but look for them to escalate with the triple digit heat this weekend. Netting shad has been hit & miss with mostly the weaker, less-appealing glass minnows showing up in droves seemingly everywhere in the ski arm.

Striped Bass:

Striper fishing rebounded nicely to begin the week. Nightime temps were in the low 60’s once again and had the fish boiling mid-lake over deep water. The usual topwater lures are working well and being patient has once again proven to be the best approach. We have developed our own strategies when dealing with the other boats and randomness of the boils. Trolling our custom 661 KastMasters on lead core line has become our mainstay when we are searching for the surface feeders. As the week progressed and the triple digit heat resumed we noticed that the surface bite had greatly diminshed. Therefore we are not fishing this weekend and will resume once the high temps and full moon pass.

Castaic Afterbay:

We are not fishing the lagoon right now as most of our time has been focused on the Striped Bass upstairs. Some of our BroStaff members are fishing it and seem to be doing well.

Jim – 661 Fishing

Castaic Lake Conditions:

Water Temp Surface:

75° – 81°

Water Temp Bottom:


Water Clarity:

Fish Arm 20′ visibility, clear.

Ski Arm 20′ visibility with a

medium to heavy algae bloom


Water Level:

7′ down and steady