Fall is one of my favorite times of the year for hitting up the lake and targeting Striped Bass. For all of the years I have been fishing I have found a few lures that are always at the top of my list as “Go To” baits. What’s the top one on my list? a 1oz Kastmaster.

I use 1 oz. Kastmasters in all chrome and paint one side white with a yellow stripe to resemble the Threadfin Shad that are prolific in our lakes. The combination of these colors work very well in both clear and stained water and through the years, the depth I use these baits can very from top to bottom. In addition I modify the hardware as well, I use a 4X size 2 Owner Stinger treble hook, or the Owner Single Treble Replacement hook, some heavy duty stainless steel split rings and a Spro swivel.

I usually troll these at 20-60′ on lead-core line or vertically jig them in 40-100′ of water. The real trick is to keep changing the speed of your retrieve to see what triggers them to hit. Some days it is slow and steady while others it is the stop and pause. I hope you enjoy this little bit of information on one of my secret baits that I have used for years here in Southern California.