I have struggled for years to find a braid to florocarbon knot that I trust 100%. My main problem has always been the lighter line like the 6lb test Seaguar Tatsu I use for dropshotting. It has such a small diameter it is hard to get a consistently good connection, at least for me. It got so bad for me with my guiding and tournament fishing that I had pretty much stopped using braided line altogether. 

Recently I came across a knot called the FG Knot that has solved all of my issues. It’s not that easy to tie the first couple of tries but it gets simpler every time. It’s a different type of knot in that it doesn’t bind down on itself when tightened. The leader gets “threaded” onto the braid with 20 wraps. It’s the same concept as finger cuffs, it gets tighter as you put opposing pressure on it. My advice when learning how to tie it is to watch the video on your PC or big screen and pause it at every step. Take your time, it’s not that difficult once you understand it. I hope this makes your fishing better and helps you put more fish in the boat! Jim