I got the news yesterday that one of my favorite clients had passed. Carl was one of the first clients I got when I started my guide service and website. He would make the two hour drive from Ridgecrest in the morning and was always a half hour early. He loved to fish, but more importantly, loved to make the most of the day. For him, seeing the sun rise as we left the marina meant it was going to be a great day, regardless of the fishing action. But he was a great fisherman and loved to fish for whatever the hot bite was that day. My most memorable trips with him are vivid in my mind. The day he caught my boat record four pound Smallmouth Bass (which still stands) and the morning he experienced a wide-open Striper boil for almost two hours. The time we fished with live Shad and clobbered them all day long. It was a joy for me too, having someone in my boat who always wanted to learn a new technique, someone who wanted to fish hard all day. The last time we fished he was excited about getting his own boat together and insisted I come up to fish his home lake, Lake Isabella. He was eager to show me a lake I had never been on, HIS lake. I’ll take a raincheck on that one good buddy and will always remember you as the fine human being you were.

Jim – 661Fishing.com